About Us

Ash&Jo, is named after my best friend from college Ashley and I, Jody.

I developed a curiosity in fashion at an early age taking sewing classes with my aunt, designing purses from old jeans, and attending fashion shows with my mom.

 During my college years my passion for fashion flourished while working in retail, managing a prominent boutique in Atlanta, and in my spare time worked with a seamstress on my ideas to wear out on the town!

I later went on to invest in two different online boutiques from 2015-2018 where I gained the experience of buying, website development and day-to-day operations . After having my son in 2016, I found it somewhat difficult to find flattering pieces for casual outings and date nights. I often wondered if I should go for it on my own. Two years later my husband encouraged me to go into business for myself… and in March of 2018 Ash&Jo born.

The Ash&Jo brand is all about classic and timeless pieces…thank you for stopping by and shopping with Ash&Jo!